Why My Penis Does Not Stay Erect Long Enough To Have Sex?

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Even during the most romantic times, a man's sexual response will come and go probably more erratic than your level of excitement. Many men are unable to maintain the hardness of their penis while engaging in lovemaking activity. When learning to have a long-lasting erection, you must know the secret to keeping the penis hard. The key is the blood. You have to make your pc muscle stronger. This can be done with penile exercises. Squeezing techniques can maintain the penis harder.

Gravity can make a huge difference to the strength of your erection- blood keeps easing to flow downwards rather than upwards- so if your partner is on top your blood has to flow up. Put gravity to work on your favor for a longer lasting sex and to keep a harder erection.

When engaged in sexual intercourse, instead of taking short breaths, breathe deeply and slowly. If you want a longer erection, learn how to deep breathe.

Men would want to have a potency, and part of this is to have a stronger and longer erection. Having a strong erection which lasts for a long time is often easy when a man is younger. Erection becomes softer when a man ages. Here are some tips for better erections:

1. Do away with bad habits - precisely smoking and drinking. These habits are harmful and they have a bad effect on erection. They will make it softer and cause lesser sexual arousal. Sacrifice for a better gain.

2. Stop wearing tight briefs - it hampers the blood to flow to the penis. On the other hand, try to wear alternatives.

3. Make exercise a habit - your body will become healthier, stronger, and have more vigor energy for physical activities, including lovemaking. Keep your body healthy as w whole and your penis will function efficiently.

4. Proper nutrition - nutrition is everything to keep your body going or total health. The basis of total health and well-being apply in sexual potency. You have to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Only then you can enjoy the pleasures of life, one of which is lovemaking and fulfilling relationships.

Do them every day and, you will have harder erections a stronger sex drive, more energy and be in the better mood- so you will enjoy better sex and get more life at the same time. If your erection is strong, you will be in better health too and that’s good.

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