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People naturally seek variety, but this does not mean it is right for one partner to force choices on the other. Sharing and agreement are the routes for satisfying sex, not power plays or selfishness. Caress or have your partner caress your penis and testis until you are on the verge of another orgasm. Some couples believe that the ultimate expression of intimacy is the simultaneous orgasm.

The principle is the same as when a man is pleasuring a woman. If you start caressing his penis, thinking of the pleasure you are giving to him, it may be a much less satisfactory experiencing. You’re putting a different intention into the experience, and you are adopting a different attitude to pleasure giving. It is capable of giving him great pleasure and possibly even to the orgasm. Stroking your hand feels better to ensure that you make contact with the penis at all times, which increases the chances of hard penis erection. Simple up and down strokes simply pleasure a man.

Men who had stopped premature ejaculation can enjoy sex knowing that their partner will be excited by their performance in bed, knowing that they’ll get pleasure from. Imagine how it feels to give your partner complete satisfaction and pleasure while you enjoy the best sex you've ever had, with the most amazing orgasm you've ever experience powerful lovemaking with energy coming together in orgasmic ecstasy. Not only that it also makes lovemaking and simultaneous orgasm possible for guaranteed fulfillment and satisfaction for both of you.

With the help of this, you will become a much confident lover and you will be able to enjoy lovemaking for a long period. This is your right as a man, to enjoy great sex, to take your partner in the heights of pleasure and to make lovemaking last. The best sex is easy, relaxed, and above all, Fun. First, guide to a new exciting position. Second, guide to achieving the ultimate pleasure of simultaneous orgasm during lovemaking. This can feel fantastic, better than almost anything else. It’s certainly something to be treasured when it happens.

Become the lover you were meant to be. Enjoy lovemaking for just as long as you desire- as the man to get the maximum pleasure in bed, to enjoy intense orgasm and to take your partner to the heights of pleasure for the deep penetration.

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