Why Isn't My Penis Hard Enough When Erect To Penetrate Inside The Vagina?

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Erectile failure also called impotence or erectile dysfunction means that you cannot achieve or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for sexual intercourse. Sex drive is often normal. A woman's satisfaction with intercourse does not depend on the length of the man's penis. A man needs to know that the only two inches of the woman’s vagina are really sensitive to the frictional pleasure of intercourse. In short, there is no ideal length or of the penis, it has to be hard enough to penetrate a woman’s vagina.

During erection, the blood vessels in the penile shaft are filled with blood, thus making the shaft harder and inflated. The penile glands do not get hard as much as the shaft. This is sometimes not accompanied by proportional inflation of the penile glans, which is still considered normal.

There are many life-situations that cause stress severe enough affects the erection of the penis.

1. New-lover anxieties - it is perfectly normal to feel anxious while making love with a new lover, particularly when you don’t know each other and there is no basis for thrust.

2. Sex Approach - men who focus all attention on their partner's pleasure while denying their own needs encounter erection problems.

3. Great Lovemaking - it is about giving each other pleasure. Show her the ways and the places you like to be caressed, kissed, licked, sucked, nibbled, etc. Let her know and find the ways she likes to be pleasured too. Take turns arousing each other the way each of you likes.

4. Sex Position - during penetration let her be on top and you underneath. This allows her to decide when penetration should happen. If she finds you are not hard enough, she can do more that arouses you, and when you are ready, she can get on top and take your penis in. It is less work for the man.

It is normal for an erection to go from hard to less hard or even flaccid and back to hard many times during lovemaking. When it doesn’t work for you, and if your lack of hardness is distressing both of you and your partner, then you can see a doctor for the best medical supervision. There is no instant fix usually waiting for it to heal is best. Penetrating as deep as possible during sexual intercourse is a great way to connect physically and emotionally with your partner.

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