Difficult To Insert My Penis Into Vagina Due To Soft Erection, What Should I Do?

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The difficulty to insert penis can be due to tight vaginal walls. Tightening of the vaginal wall is called vaginismus. This can be made laxer by increasing the foreplay, having confidence in your partner and using vaginal dilators. The dilators can be used at home or even at the gynecologists.

The penis goes into the vagina very easily. When the penis goes into the vagina it must go far enough that- if you are a virgin- it will break a small layer of tissue covering up the vagina known as the hymen. If the woman is not a virgin, the penis will slide easily without any difficulties. The best way to approach this is to make sure that the girl is adequately aroused. You do through foreplay by sexual touching and caressing before the intercourse.

Don't rush, the first time should be enjoyable for both of you. Now that you are sure that there is adequate foreplay, you are now both ready for insertion position the tip of the penis at the opening of the vagina and gently push, the wetness will take it over.

The most common position for insertion is the Missionary position, in which the woman is on the bottom and the two face each other. Gradually work your way up to full insertion and thrusting movements once you are able to move in and out with ease and comfort. Here are some factors that may prevent insertion:

1. The penis is not erect enough, the vagina is not wet enough or lubricated
2. The vaginal opening is too small for insertion
3. The penis is too large (the vagina has a surprising amount of elasticity)
4. Any discomfort to man or woman can prevent insertion.

Not being able to insert penis in vagina during sexual intercourse makes male nervous and diffident. When further attempts result in the same disappointing experience it will develop in erection and premature ejaculation. To avoid injury or discomfort be sure that the vagina is lubricated before the intercourse. Normally body contact is sufficient to begin the process. If natural fluids do not provide comfortable insertion, there are artificial lubricants such as jelly.

A harder penis is an advantage in order to be inserted into the vagina. Just six minutes per day for a few short weeks will make your penis much longer, thicker, stronger and healthier, and give you permanent gains that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

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