I Find Difficult Keeping An Erection, My Penis Goes Soft During Sex, What Should I Do?

Erectile Dysfunction Herbal Treatment

Penis erects not only during sexual intercourse but also at the times that you are sexually excited which may not always end up in sex. The penis is made up of three columns and a lot of blood spaces, so at the time of sexual arousal the blood rushes and fills these spaces making the penis enlarged and stiff. It is unusual for men to experience a slight loss of “stiffness”.

Assuming you're in good health, your erection problems are likely a case of performance anxiety- being good in bed, being worried about pleasing her and getting erect.

Here are some few tips for keeping an erection:

1. Make sure you're engaging in the kind of foreplay that you truly enjoy and find exciting and arousing, even though you've tried a lot of different foreplay.

2. Make sure to use a condom that feels comfortable to your penis.

3. During masturbation learn more about visualization exercises and how they can help sex.

4. If you're both virgins, try adding a little lube. Having her add lube to your condom-covered penis can enhance sensation arousing part of foreplay. It can also make penetration easier to maintain an erection.

5. Relax - it takes most people a little practice and trial error. Tell yourself that you're awesome, sex can be great and you can kick back and enjoy.

Herbal products like Bluze Capsules and Mast Mood Oil can remove all sorts of debilities and can cure malfunctioning of organs to allow you to get a hard erection every time to satisfy your partner. It promotes secretion of testosterone hormone safely and naturally, optimum secretion of this hormone rejuvenates entire male reproductive system and allows you to get a hard erection.

Erection is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, neural and vascular and endocrine factors due to sexual arousal. As soon as the body detects that you are not having sex it can shut down the erections thinking you don't require it anymore. They need constant upkeep to be maintained. Position and relaxation are what brings them on. Overall being of a person is important to achieve an erection.

The best approach is to be well-fed, energetic and honestly attracted to your partner. Choose partners where the sex becomes routine, forced and boring. The scent and taste trigger erection. If the scent of her perfume makes you think about lovemaking, even if she’s nowhere in sight, you're on the right track.

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