Why Sex Education among Kids is Important and How to Teach Them?

Many of you think that your kids would go the wrong way if they are educated about sex. But ignorance about it is far more dangerous than its guidance. After all, someone has to take up the challenge.

You may adopt the following methods to educate a child about sex when his/her physical changes start surfacing.

1. The parents can guide the child as to how changes in the body take place - a function of each organ and the risks involved in playing mischief with the organs. The teachers, at school, can, during the course of studies, well upon the subject in a better way to unravel the so-called mysteries and secrets of sex.

2. Let physiology be a compulsory subject in the school syllabus so that more light is thrown upon the subject.

3. In the absence of this education at school or home, let there be a display of audio cassettes which should be followed by video cassettes. Whatever the student has heard and, at a latter stage, when video cassettes are played, he would be able to correlate the audio and video versions. At this stage, the teacher should step in and reply to queries of his students and if all the inquisitive queries have been aptly replied to, the students will gain a lot.

4. A question-answer session will solve most of the problems, relating to sex education.

5. Functions of organs should be explained fully. Here also audio video cassettes can easily achieve the desired result.

Modern youth, these days, have knowledge of what they ought not to know or practice but, they remain gained through porno, periodicals, and magazines, serves to ignite their passions and fantasies and to do practically whatever is revealed through the postures, depicted in such magazines, videos, movies etc. This is not a healthy way to education. It is simply a means to free sex where passion rides high, and all other sane and safety measures are neglected.

Young children stealthily read porn, literature which vitiates the mild and forces them to premature sex. Had such misguided youth been properly educated about this topic, their craving and intensity to indulge in a premarital relationship would never have arisen. In young age, one should acquire proper knowledge.

Whichever methods are adopted, to educate the youth on this knowledge, emphasis should always be laid on the educative and explicit process. We have to forewarn the youth about hazards and diseases involved in sexual activity keeping an eye on persuasive approach.


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