Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Increase Penis Hardness - Self Treatment

Today, there are lots of treatments available for increasing penis hardness. Practicing penis enlargement techniques helps in increasing the length, girth and hardness of male sexual organ. Intake of herbal medicines, doing exercises like kegel exercises and surgical methods are versatile techniques adopted for increasing the hardness of male organ. Proper blood circulation plays a vital role in improving the function and hardness of male organ. Improved hormone secretion and removal of blocks in blood carrying vessels helps in accumulating more amount of blood in male sexual organ which in turn helps in increasing its hardness and strength. Now, let's see in detail how to increase penis hardness by following different techniques?

Use of penis enlargement devices is one among the best techniques used for improving penis hardness. Penis patch, stretcher and pump are some of the key devices used for ensuring hardness and strength of male organ. Maxiderm enlargement patch and vigorgen patch are some fine examples of commonly available penis patches in market. It is completely made out of herbal products and safe to use when compared to other treatments like surgeries. Lack of side effect is the main advantage of using penis patch for increasing hardness. Use of extender device, best known as penis stretcher is another technique used for increasing hardness and size. This stretcher is attached on the penis for certain period of time to allow traction on male organ.

Penis pump is an important penis hardening device commonly used for the treatment of problems with male organ. Penis pump, in the form of a cylinder is fitted over male organ to create suction which in turn creates vaccum around male organ. This help in circulating more blood to penis which in turn increase hardness. Intake of enlargement pills is another method for increasing penis size and harness. It is advised to seek the guidance of your physician before using these pills. In some persons, it may induce side effects leading way to health hazards like infertility conditions. Vimax enlargement pill is a fine example of oral medicine available for increasing the size and hardness of male sexual organ.

Practicing exercises is a best recommended way to increase penis size and hardness. Kegel exercise is one among the important exercise suggested for improving hardness of male organ. Doing kegel exercise contracts and relaxes pelvic floor muscles which in turn help in strengthening pubococcygeus muscles in pelvic region. Improving erection, better control over ejaculation, enhancing bladder, bowel control and sexual function are some of the benefits of doing kegel exercises. Stretching tissues of penis is a recommended technique for improving the hardness and size of male organ.

Exercising tissues of male organ by jelqing promoting is a famous technique used for improving penis hardness. Regular practicing of this technique promotes easier blood circulation, increases the size of corpora covernosa which gets filled with blood during erections. Massaging with herbal oil and cream like mast mood oil is another solution for increasing penis hardness. Improved blood circulation and enhanced erection are some of the benefits of using these herbal massaging oils.