Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Sex Education among Kids is Important?

Many of you think that your kids would go the wrong way if they are educated about sex. But ignorance about sex is far more dangerous than sex guidance. After all, someone has to take up the challenge.

You may adopt the following methods to educate a child about sex when his/her physical changes start surfacing.

1. The parents can guide the child as to how changes in body take place – function of each sex organ and the risks involved in playing mischief with the organs. The teachers, at school, can, during the course of studies, well upon the subject in a better way to unravel the so called mysteries and secrets of sex.

2. Let physiology be a compulsory subject in the school syllabus, so that more light is thrown upon the subject.

3. In the absence of sex-education at school or home, let there be display of audio cassettes which should be followed by video cassettes. Whatever the student has heard and, at a latter stage, when video cassettes are played, he would be able to correlate the audio and video versions. At this stage, the teacher should step in and reply to queries of his students and if all the inquisitive queries have been aptly replied to, the students will gain a lot.

4. A question answer session will solve most of the problems, relating to sex education.

5. Functions of sex organs should be explained fully. Here also audio video cassettes can easily achieve the desired result.

Modern youth, these days, have knowledge of what they ought not to know or practice but, they remain gained through porno, periodicals and magazines, serves to ignite their sexual passions and fantasies and to do practically whatever is revealed through the sex postures, depicted in such magazines, x-rated videos, movies etc. This is not a healthy way to sex education. It is simple a means to free sex where passion rides high, and all other sane and safety measures are neglected.

Young children stealthily read porno, literature which vitiates the mild and forces them to premature sex. Had such misguided youth been properly educate about sex, their craving and intensity to indulge in premarital sex would never have arisen. In young age one should acquire proper sex knowledge.

Whichever methods are adopted, to educate the youth on sex knowledge, emphasis should always be laid on educative and explicit process. We have to forewarn the youth about hazards and diseases involved in sexual activity keeping an eye on persuasive approach.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Achieve Intense Orgasm?

An orgasm represents the peak of pleasurable experiences. It is defined as an explosive, neuromuscular response, at the peak of sexual arousal by psychopathological stimuli, the pleasurable sensations of which are experienced in association with dispensable pelvic physiological concomitants.

Orgasm is nature’s masterstroke. By providing and inherently sensual pleasure oriented side to our personality, nature has ingeniously accomplished the dual objective of pleasure and procreation.

Early orgasmic response is defined as an orgasm that is experienced earlier than one’s idealized expectations, which are within rational limits. Delayed orgasmic response is defined as an orgasm that is experienced beyond one’s idealized expectations, which are within rational limits. Impaired orgasmic response is defined as a reduction in the intensity of the orgasm pleasure. Absent orgasmic response includes cases in which there is complete failure to experience pleasure.

How does one reach orgasm?

When an individual has a sexual desire he departs from the normal state and enters into the sexual state and is deemed to have undergone sexual grounding. Sexual grounding or the state is which the subject becomes receptive to the reception of stimuli inputs as sexual. Once this occurs, psychopathological stimuli arouse the sex center in the brain which starts sending out impulses, which are usually pleasurable. When such impulses reach the genitalia, the resultant increased flow of blood leads to congestion in genitals. This phenomenon is usually manifested as erection in the male and lubrication in the female. Further stimulation enhances arousal and eventually culminates in orgasm.

What is interplay?

Interplay encompasses the whole spectrum of sexual interaction, that is, the entire grommet of motions and emotions between individuals indulging in play.

Foreplay is extremely important. It kindles the desire and marks the beginning of the interplay. Adequate foreplay ensures adequate arousal and promotes sexual compatibility.

Afterplay is also as important as foreplay. Devote more time to foreplay and afterplay to completely enjoy the act of lovemaking. Foreplay introduces and afterplay summarizes the crucial interplay.

How to get intense orgasm?

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Setting the Mood for Passionate Love Making

Creating a mood for making love always helps in bringing more passion and desire. The proper selection of place, dress, and light plays an important role in setting the mood. This article will discuss on key factors while making the choice for place, dress, light, etc.

Personal hygiene and bath

It is necessary that a bath with scented water or rose water will do away with foul smell from the body. Bad odor is most likely to drive you away from conjugal love, as most people can’t withstand foul body odor, which is an impediment in a turn on. While bathing, take care to wash your mouth, ears, armpits, thigh joints, and genitals thoroughly to ensure proper hygiene. Shave the armpits and hair on the public region, on and around genitals and use some pleasing, scented and mild cream and lotion to rule out any chance of infections. When private parts are shaved creamed/sprayed with lotion, one should experience added flavor in sex, as clean and shaven parts help in an early turn on.

Spray your neck, ear lobes, armpits, chest, navel portion with scented sprays but the odor of scents used should be pleasing. Breasts hold an important part in sex arousal. Clean the teats and areola thoroughly so that when your partner sucks, kisses the nipples, no bad taste enters into his mouth. Under portion of skin folds of breasts should be cleaned properly. Some males hate to see hair on nipples or/and areola. So, if there is any hair thereon, pluck the same. Nipple sucking is a pleasant and cheerful experience.


The room where you intend to make love should be free from noise, interference and it should be neat, clean, airy, and well-ventilated. The colors of bed sheets, curtains, wall paints should conform to personal preference and tastes. Colors play an important part on the mind. Red color is said to ignite sensuality. Dull, drab, colors should find no place in your sleeping room. Avoid dark red, blue, green and violet colors as far as possible. Pink cream, fawn colors add to sex pleasure.


Keeping in view your mood, approach, preference and likes and dislikes of your partner, wear only those clothes which are neither too loose nor too tight. You dress should be comfortable, revealing, transparent and sexy. Dress holds a unique place in sex act. Some couples prefer to wear dresses which expose the bodies, some wish to wear scant clothes or only underwear.


Most male prefer to perform coitus in bright light, the reason being that female’s body organs are visible also that they can see, play, touch and kiss her sex arousing organs, and also watch there partner’s reaction, intensity of enjoyment her response etc. But, bright lights may be avoided instead light pink color lights be preferably used. Women often prefer to have coitus in the dark or else under very dim light when only shade of physical forms are visible. Anyway, use of lights, color and the duration of use, should necessarily be governed by person likings and preferences. Some couple prefers zero power bulbs during the coital period.


In any area of the body where there are more blood vessels and nerve ending, greater potential for simulative sexuality is found. Erotic zones pertain genitals, mouth, earlobes, breasts, inner thighs and buttocks. Not only such body parts but feet, stomach, palms and neck are also erotic parts. More men consider their women’s thighs as an erogenous zone.

There is no denying the fact that sequence of touches bound to have profound erotic effect. If less sensitive zones are touch first, and then gradually moving to more sensitive erogenous areas of the body, it will yield a brilliant turn on. If, on the contrary, the most sensitive are worked upon first, it may (as it often does) result in turn off.

Use of lubricants

There should be no hesitation in applying some cream oil or any other lubricant to penis, vulva and vagina but it must be ensured that such lubricants are non allergic, non offensive, nonirritating, thus causing no harm to either partners sex organs.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to Improve your Sexual Performance?

Every man wants to improve his bedroom performance to enjoy more pleasure during lovemaking. Below are some effective tips to bring more intimate relationship with your partner.

1. Try to make yourself free from tension and stress. Never attempt any coitus when the mind is disturbed.

2. Intercourse should always be done in an airy, neat, clean, fully ventilated room, free from any encroachment and disturbance. If both partners agree, let there be zero watt red bulb whose red light will flare up passions and impart added enjoyment to your sex fervor.

3. Ensure personal hygiene. Use deodorants, scents to ward off foul smelling body odors.

4. Before sex, have a bath or at least, sponge your whole body, particularly your ears, nose, arm pits, inner thighs, prepuce and glans penis. Spray some pleasing scent on whole body to enjoy an added erotic feeling.

5. Give equal opportunity to your partner to have her own time. Never hurry her. Any act done in a hurry will take away charm of sex.

6. Never plunge yourself at once into intercourse. Foreplay is a reliable method to prepare your partner for the coming event. Let her also her own way.

7. Persuade your partner. Appreciate and endear each and every organ of her body. Such loving compliments and endearments would help her to active participation.

8. Excite her gently, carefully, slowly, tenderly. If she resists and forbids you not to touch any one or more of her sex organs, abide by her wishes and never force your way to compel her to mental withdrawal and physical inertia.

9. If, for any reason whatsoever, she is disinclined for sex act, you can lie down together and discuss some subject of common interest. The chances are that during course on interaction, she may get ready and herself invite you for sex act.

10. Try to avoid sex during advance stage of pregnancy, during menstruation or when she is having leucorrhoea. But sex act must be given a good-bye, if either of the partners is suffering from AIDS, HIV and venereal infection, asthmatic bout (attack), high fever, any infectious/contagious disease.

11. Fondle, caress, cuddle, kiss, pamper each and every erogenous zone- but very slowly. During the course of foreplay she, herself, would guide you, as to on which sex organs she wishes, rather prefers, to be touched.

12. Give equal chance to your partner to indulge in sex act. She should play inactive role in the whole play, and successful intercourse ensues from joint efforts of both partners.

13. If you are about to reach the climax, you should let your partner know a bit earlier so that she could help you to delay orgasm, by adopting squeeze the tempo method. Moreover, she will also get mentally prepared to face the problem of your early ejaculation.

14. After you have reached your climaxed orgasm, you should never leave her in between. Wait till she also reaches her orgasm. You should not ever prove to be a selfish sex performer, as her sentiments deserve to be respected.

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