Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to Increase the Size of Your Penis in a Safe and Effective Manner

Penis increment is such a tough job with lots of debates going on as to whether there is really a formula one can apply to achieve a positive result. Science and morals are on the loose and the fight goes on. Medics have done their turns and none has quite come out with a working formula. Advertisements are all over of ointments, penis creams, lotions and pills while at the same time researchers are up and running parallel advertisements saying the opposite. Now where is the final answer?

In many words, the penis is a hanging pendulum which can be extended through surgery of the base by removal of flesh and ligaments around the pelvis. This procedure can only be done in an inpatient hospital with good facilities of anesthesia. The process removes any basic attachment flesh and leaves it open showing an empty base. While the purpose is to remove these ligaments to access more length from the base; the advisory provided is very scaring. In many trials, the penis will appear elongated and attractive; but the reality is different. The trick may work but carry its own disadvantages of not standing straight when erect and may need support. The chances of performing well, is the issue because surgery has its side effects. It may slit nerves of the penis, thereby shutting off sensory control of the penis. Removal of ligaments also renders the organ direction less and may temper with erectile tissue. Surgery should actually be a last resort affair and should only be done when all others have failed.

The non surgery applications are very many and quite elaborate to excite you into trying out your organ on them. It involves work of mechanical devices that are tied to the organ, stretching and pulling by hand, vacuum pumps etc. There is a medical explanation of each process on a factual standpoint to support or discourage their use. The stretching method is the most manual of all. This is the pulling of the penis for a considerable period repeatedly daily. This as far as employing, is easy but results are poor and unreliable. There is another called traction. Traction employs the use of fixed weights in form of weighing stones of specific measure. These are meant to add weight to the penile tissue and cause it to stretch. If done repetitively, it might be attractive but finally it is harmful. The weights may pull excessively the tissue attachment and cut it off or damage internal mass layers of nerves and muscles. Extensive repair works have to be employed again to fix the damage.

Suction pumps similar to the ones employed in treating erectile dysfunction, are dangerous tools. Their use is risk in that these pumps don't seem to have control switches and many exert instant pressure sucking off all the nerves and breaking them instead. The damage may be extensive and irreversible.

There are quite a number of others including opening of the penis and increasing the girth. This procedure involves sucking fat from any areas more so the pubic zone which usually has massive deposits in some situations. These fats are then injected to the penis wall to bring the desired effect. It will work yes for sometime but the body is capable of returning the fats and relocating to where it is suppose to be stored. The creams and lotions also work but for a temporary period only.

What Is the Average Penis Size - Facts about Lenght and Performance

Many researchers have delved into this subject and as at now there are varied opinions on what really is the certified size of a penis. In overall world population, the eastern Asia inhabitants have the smallest while the Caucasians have the biggest while the rest are in between. The subject matter here is really an issue of girth and length; in other cases, girth might not be the issue so much, but length and vice versa. I believe in such a discussion, the vulva dimension should also be brought to book; this is a lock and key hypotheses kind of; it is about getting the right key for the right lock and may be vice versa.

Getting rid of stereotypes is no easy matter; it is something else to believe you have a small one and you internalize it and it is another to get out of it and live. The average size documented on some quarters is between 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches and 5.1 inches in girth. Others have an extended length of up to 8.5 inches while the smallest is 3 inches. The science of a flaccid and stretched penis is very interesting and confusing. It has been found that in some situations a smaller size penis when flaccid elongates further when erect than a bigger penis. The smaller tend to grow further showing tremendous increase in size. This means the internal expansion space of corpora cavernosa is higher in this situation compared to a bigger penis. The growth elasticity factor is smaller in the big ones. This study is very confusing and one is not capable of making a conclusive judgement on the marked lengths appropriately.

Taking these lengths and girths into consideration, one may be forced to provide another analysis of the situation on the ground. That is if you belong to the bracket outside the average provided that is higher than 5.1 inches in girth then your women will be in trouble. This means the organ is slightly away from the normal in fatness and may spell doom sexually if the vulva is small. This then requires care and tender touch, slow and no hurry in penetration. It will definitely be painful and lubrication will be required and a better position be sorted. You are greatly advised to take your time and stay more in foreplay than intercourse. You will need to be assisted and guided so as not to leave damages.

Incase you are less than 5.2 then you are better off trying any position as this is not likely to cause much harm and you can ask her to tilt the vulva in a way that will be pleasurable to both of you. In the case of length, less than 4 inches requires some maneuvering by your woman including tightening her legs when the organ is in to allow for friction and development of sensation. You are also expected to have perfected all foreplay techniques that render her helpless and cry for sex. If incase you are within the range of 4.7 inches, you are a good player and demands for many positions is the in thing. This direction is better and comfortable at all times and if incase you are over the slope beyond the 6 inches then you are not the kind of partner preferred. No woman would like to be struck by the cervix. The side effects are more than the benefits and it might cause more harm than good in the final analysis.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Exercises to Increase Penis Size - Do They Really Work?

The word exercise, largely addresses productive muscular tissue of tremendous size and capacity. Compared to biceps, the muscular tissue of the penis is smooth and slender; the mass in total portrays a spongy appearance holding a mesh of blood vessels and fibers. Any exercise targeting the penis, addresses these components on how best they can be manipulated to expand and provide the required stretch.

Research shows that the best time for any growth is actually during the puberty period when the organ is extending naturally. Unfortunately the awakening comes late and man has to think of any crafty method to apply manual pressure to initiate cell division again. Anyhow these cells may grow after long and tedious exercise programming because of the demanded requirement of self satisfaction. Some say the minimum course period of the exercise should be six months to feel any change. It sounds ridiculous, but it is better than all the quick fixes flashing their ads in the internet.

As usual, start the warm up exercise, soak a fitting towel in warm water, hot enough to steam the organ, rub all round it and hold tight for 5 minutes. Repeat it several times every time warming it up with more hot water. This is purposely to prepare it for the stretching exercise you are about to begin. The process is done better when flaccid or semi erect. Start the stretch when it is still warm by holding the tip and pulling it away from the base to it maximum for as long as it is not causing any discomfort. This is like a plucking process but you hold it in that position for 3 minutes or thereabout. Take a break of 30 seconds then caress it, swing from the base while you massage it. Continue with this process for another seven minutes then get back to the stretching again. The exercise should be all round stretching in all directions for the next thirty minutes if possible.

Jelqing is another method; it is like milking the penis of blood using your hands alternating one after the other. The process is better done when the organ is semi erect. Apply petroleum oil of any kind on the surface and allow an even spread on the organ. Smear it well to minimize friction before the process starts. Start by holding the base with the support of the other hand on the penis, push blood into it and take it all the way to the glans tip using your right hand thumb and fingers. Push blood in as much as possible alternating your hands for five minutes. The process should be monitored because with increased sensation chances of erection are possible. Incase this happens, slow down and let it go off then start again. This process is slow and should be done repetitively daily; up to 300 jelqs can be done in a day. This figure with time should go up on weekly basis for as long as it does not cause any harm.

While many other trials exist, these two are the most common and have been proved to work without much stress.

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Does Penis Size Really Matter - The Truth About Lenght and Performance

Penis size is just a problem of all men; for reasons that have not been fully documented, every literature that has been written plus interviews taken seem to drift in only one direction 'men believe you must have a proper size'. Even when information is pretty obvious not all men wear the same size of shoe, similarly the prick cannot be the same size. Women are just the same, it is only two inches inside that is active the rest is just a mass of dormant flesh serving other purposes whether it supports a five inch long organ or a twelve inch javelin hit to disarm women is not an issue.

There is a variance of course; there is no doubt about it. The so called liberated women hitting and running as they sample pleasure have a problem. It comes as no surprise when it is the same women who come out bold and hit men with shot pricks below the belt forgetting that men are really obsessed with their organs. This organ does most of the thinking when a man meets a woman; it prompts seduction, ignites a charge and demands gratification. Many ladies come to the conclusion that this sausage is not only physically attached it is also emotionally fixed to a man.

Beliefs are beliefs even at an early age; boys believe big ones automatically bring lots of masculinity; they measure status by the size of the erection. As they grow up they get a feeling my organ should be a little bit longer. Even in this age and time of space age, men are quite obsessed consciously or unconsciously; it’s a puzzle some wish they had a few inches more. The average man, no matter how much is said that the size does not matter, he will continue on the search for an elongation remedy. Even when the women have said it does not really count so much, no attitude has changed.

In many words, size does not matter; women have their say too; some like thick organs and don't quite care about the length; they say the fatter the better because they really feel the sensation around the lips of the vulva. The expansion is exceptionally gratifying and brings lots of excitement. Others get frightened and run away at the site of a long one; the created imagination creates fear and coils their emotions.

Male perception with regard to his organ is really the basis of the entire confusion. Looking and peeping at others in the wash rooms, imagining that theirs is bigger than mine and fantasizing sex with women a lot creates a tilted conclusion. Men look down checking their penises at an ankle and with the obstruction of the flesh around the base conclude it is a small little thing. Forgetting that they have the actual size required for love making and procreation. It is unbelievable that many men are not properly educated on this subject. Sex education is as important as math and should be given to all men. The only way of fighting this is through education and counseling, men need help.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adult Toys, Sex Toys and Games - Tips for Using These Items

Today many couples use adult toys and games for sexual stimulation and also for sexual satisfaction. Technology has advanced today and its use in making sex toys and games has made them more interesting and effective. These toys and games are available in the market whereas games can be played on internet too.

Medically a good quality sex toy for personal use does not cause any harm to health if the user is adult. Make sure that the material used for making such a toy is acceptable to your delicate organs, it should be tested before use for allergies and irritations. Doctors treat use of sex toys and games as advanced form of masturbation and we all know that masturbation has been a part of human sexual behavior since times immemorial. Today's busy life routine causes severe absence of proper lovemaking activities between couples due to lack of time which sometimes leads to behavioral disturbances in a partner or in both the partners. Sexual games and toys can help in a better way than masturbation to satisfy sexual desire and eagerness to an extent and helps a male or a female in controlling her emotional state.

People suffering with lack of desire and interest in lovemaking also find sex toys and games helpful in resolving this situation. Compared to other medications use of games for sexual stimulation or arousal is much cheap and easy. Woman suffering with vaginal dryness face quite severe pain during penetration and later, use of sex toys with lubrication many times cures this dryness by arousing her feelings for sex. These toys also help in spicing up the activity and can make the sexual act more pleasurable. Males facing problems of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can also use these adult toys to satisfy their partner as they are unable to hold stiffness in their genitals for sufficient duration which may leave their partner unsatisfied in bed. Use of toys not only helps them in keeping their love life full of fun but also give them time and exposure to gain control over their problems related to over or under excitement.

Not to mention these sex toys and games shall be kept out of reach of young children as an immature mind cannot understand its proper use. Some precautions are necessary while using sex toys or adult toys. These toys shall be kept strictly for personal use and no one else should be allowed to use them to avoid STDs and other infections. Virus, bacteria and yeast responsible for various kinds of sexual infections and diseases can be transmitted by contaminated sex toys. Even if these toys are used personally their cleanliness is very important and it is better to use them by putting a condom on them. Toys used for anal penetration shall not be used for vaginal penetration as it may cause infection to the vagina. Use of separate condoms for anal and vaginal penetration is a safer way of enjoying sex with adult toys.

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How to Have Sex with a Small Penis - Penetrating Positions for a Small Male Organ

A small penis that is, short and small in girth puts men in such an awkward position that many get embarrassed during sexual activity. Even to undress alone during that moment is too much for some because time of reckoning has come unexpectedly. This psychological stress has to be fought from all angles and many must undergo counseling to restore their sexual esteem. It is a myth unfortunately with disastrous consequences yet many women don't even care about the size for as long the job gets done well. For some it is the girth that matters most as opposed to the length.

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There are many tricks of having sexual play; there are also many activities to perform before the ultimate game; and for sure many men who feel disadvantaged are marvelous in foreplay. After all the point to note is there are many ways of satisfying a woman sexually without necessarily using your sex organ. You can use your tongue or finger or any other tool provided it is palatable to both of you. The average size of a male organ when erect is six inches; a short one is anything within four inches or around there.

For a man with a small penis, you are advised to take full advantage of other extra curricular activities before coitus. In this case foreplay; master it and do it very well; thrill your partner left, right and centre and be an expert marksman till she squirts her cum. Go oral, finger her soft then hard, look for g-spot and get a final kick using the sex positions available to you. For your information, women don't enjoy being bruised by long hard shafts neither do they really like their cervixes being rammed into; in fact the climax should be a smooth sail to remember and not to leave the fun with injuries.

Foreplay is your imagination; get manuals to subsidize your knowledge it is best done carefully and meticulously. The prolonged process will even overshadow the penis issue and bring her very close to your surprise. Lavish her with kisses, caresses, licks and all her preferences; get her as hot as possible. Work on her clitoris; take quality time on it, use all your oral apparatus, lick and pump well, alternate with your fingers while the long finger looks for the g-spot deep inside. In the meantime prepare to toss her and try the doggie style or rear entry position. This is the most preferred for your condition.

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Her head, shoulders and hands in this position are down on a pillow of comfort while her buttocks are raised up. Her open thighs meet yours and you get to hold her bottoms well before you penetrate. This is perfect especially when she closes her legs slightly, it all dips in and both of you can thrust very well. Another position you can try is when you have her lie facing down with her legs open. She raises her bottoms slightly with a pillow on her pelvis. You go down on your knees from behind and penetrate. The access should be easy thereafter she closes her legs to hold tight and feel the sensation. There is this one where she lies on her back and generate a V-shape with her legs. The entire vulva is fully exposed and you can enter quite easily. Kneel down and hold her ankles to give a balance and proceed smoothly. The penis will be able to massage the entire vulva with ease.

There are very many options open to you and all are magnificent. She can lie on her back with legs on your shoulders as you kneel, she can raise her legs and hold them alone and many others.