Saturday, August 28, 2010

Penis Massage Techniques and Methods for Natural Enlargement

Massages are employed to improve size and girth of penis with normal lubricating agents or with specially formulated penis enlargement creams and gels. Good technique of massage can show even better result in short duration and also can improve the performance of the male in the bed to give his partner a mind blowing experience every time. Good technique does not focus only on improving the size but it casts all round effects to improve functioning of whole reproductive system.

If one is not using any special penis enlargement cream or gel for massaging the penis then it must be ensured that a good quality cream and gel shall be used which does not cause any damage to outer and inner skin of the male sex organ. When it comes to sexual organs every male is as delicate as females, so care shall be taken in testing for allergies and irritation of the skin before using. Do not wash your penis immediately after massage as it can cause serious damage to thin blood vessels and sensitive skin, if you need to wash it off immediately do it with lukewarm water and wipe it gently with soft cotton cloth or towel. Massage to penis increase blood flow and also the temperature of the area sudden stream of cold water can change the temperature quickly which can harm the nerves and sensation.

One should always remember that massaging your penis is one thing and punishing it is another, it is not similar activity by which you enlarge your biceps or triceps, so remain gentle and do not over do anything as damage caused can be irreparable. Start rubbing gently your groin area first before that apply sufficient quantity of lubricating agent on it, move your hands from lower area and towards your testicles. Gently moving your hands may cause some sensation or may not but you should start the massage in this way. After this you can put some lubrication on your hands and on your penis and cover the entire girth of it with your index finger and thumb at the base and slowly move your hand towards the top with bearable grip. Repeat this motion at least 20-30 times slowly and gently.

When your hands are at the tip of the organ move the ring of your finger and thumb in circular motion clock wise and anti-clockwise for improving its girth. If you feel aroused and achieve erection, control your ejaculation, if you are able to do so it will further increase the effects of massage.

While you massage your penis you can stop for a while to control your ejaculation this will teach you how to control your climax during sexual activity for lasting longer in the bed. Apart from this, continued erection and hand movement increase testosterone activity in the body and rush the blood to the genitals for improving size and gain firmer erections. If you ejaculate early, need not worry, continue with your massage, slowly you will not only gain control over the ejaculation but also it will improve your capacity to make love more frequently.

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Penis Massage Techniques - Ballooning and Jelquing Technique

Penis massage has been employed by people since ancient times to increase penis size and quality of erections. These massages are done in such a way that help the sponge like tissues present in the penis to be able to hold more blood which eventually gives strong erections and enlargement of these tissues increases the length and girth of the organ. Massaging oils, gels and creams are also available in the market, these have ingredients those can penetrate the skin and promote blood flow to the male sex organs and also dilates the tissues to accommodate more blood for better quality of erections and increase in size. Massages with proper technique can be done using these creams and gels for quicker results.

Ballooning technique may not be the easiest of all the techniques employed for massaging the penis but can increase the size as well as control over the ejaculation. This is done by massaging the groin, pubis, shaft, base, scrotum and footing which will make the organ stiff and erect. Do not let the semen flow out, hold it back, this massage shall be done for at least 30-45 minutes and ejaculation shall be controlled during this time. This improves the flow of blood to the male genitals and also stimulates the testosterone hormone. More blood flow makes the penis grow in size and person can gain control over his ejaculation too.

Another penis massage technique is called as jelquing technique. This massage shall be done by using proper lubrication which can be normal oil or cream or any penis enlargement cream or gel. This massage technique is used when penis is flaccid. After applying the lubrication on the penis hold it at the base by encircling it with index finger and thumb. Slowly with sufficient grip move the hand towards the tip of the organ once the hand reaches the tip of the organ start massaging again from the base with the help of other hand. The grip shall not be too strong or too light and this shall be done for 30 minutes at least 25-30 times. This improves blood flow and massages the corpus cavernosa to enlarge and hold more blood.

Another almost similar penis massage technique is the one which not only works well to increase the length of the penis but also for its girth. According to this technique hands are moved from the base of the penis towards its tip, once the hands are at the glans they are moved in circular motion first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. It is better to follow this technique with the help of one hand but precaution shall be taken to apply equal pressure on both the sides of the penis.

Penis massage shall be done with extreme care though these techniques are trusted by many people but any damage during the massage to the organ can be irreparable. It is important to practice these techniques in complete privacy so that one can focus completely on the massage. If there is even slightest pain in the penis due to previous massage session then massage shall not be done and if pain does not subside in a day or two should see a doctor.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Enlarge Your Penis Naturally with Herbal Massage Oils

Massages are natural ways to enlarge your penis and if done with herbal massage oils which are formulated for naturally enlarging the internal tissues, the effects can be better and quicker. There are some massaging techniques that one should know for better results while using massage oils. The massage techniques direct the effects of massage and herbal ingredients of the oil to the correct areas for quick and maximum possible results which may last longer than achieved with other means.

Jelquing and ballooning techniques are famous and have been found effective even if done with simple oil and cream to enlarge the penis naturally. If these techniques are employed with herbal massage oils then results can be wonderful. Massages on their own can increase the blood flow towards the male genitals and help the body to clear blood vessels and dilate corpus cavernosa to accommodate more and more blood for bigger and firmer erections. Apart from this the use of massage develops the capacity in male to control his ejaculation which increases his duration of erection for better lovemaking ability and also increases his frequency.

Herbal massage oils such as Mast Mood Oil are complete treatment in itself for enlarging your penis size naturally, as these oils are made up of herbal ingredients which have capacity to improve blood flow, relax blood vessels, dilate blood vessels and increase the size of the tissues in the penis to increase its overall size. Use of these herbal massage oils increases the sensation at the genital area for more quicker and frequent arousal. Good quality herbal massage oils contain few old trusted herbs as ingredients along with natural substances to work naturally for enlarging your penis, these ingredients can cross the barrier of skin to reach deep and show their effects on the functioning of the male reproductive organ. These oils also have other healing properties for curing any damage caused to the organ by excessive masturbation etc.

The herbal ingredients of these massage oils are very safe and effective, these massage oils can be used as mood elevators before lovemaking as they start showing their effects with in 4-5 minutes of their use. One does not get any greasy or sticky feeling after its use as they have substances which make it get absorbed by the skin completely. Even oral sex is safe after massage with these oils. These oils are water based and cause no damage to the skin. The feeling of warmth after its use and flow of energy to the genitals can be felt immediately and after regular and frequent use one can see the desired results in terms of penis enlargement.

The ingredients of these oils like ginger extract and ylang-ylang extract with coconut oil cast anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects to cure any damage or remove restriction of blood vessels. The herbal massage oils also have anti-oxidants which can dilate and clear the blood vessels for more blood flow to the genitals. These massage oils can immediately help in gaining firmer and harder erections for a longer duration and enlarge your penis naturally in a short duration.

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Enlarge Your Penis Naturally with Herbal Enlargement Creams

It has been believed popularly that longer the size of penis and more pleasurable it will be for your woman, this belief urges men to enlarge their penis size which is possible by using natural herbal creams. These creams are made up of herbal ingredients and natural substances which make them usable without prescription as they are free of side effects. Some experts also suggest different exercises for natural penis enlargement but use of creams is preferred because it is easy to use and no specific regimen is required for desired effects.

Herbal enlargement creams contain natural substance which can break in to the skin and help the herbal ingredients of the cream to show their effects with in few seconds of cream’s application. This not only affects the exact part which requires support also further reduces the chances of any sort of side effects. The herbal ingredients of these creams improve blood flow to the male genitals which clears the blood vessels and increases size of tissues to enlarge your penis naturally.

All the good quality herbal enlargement creams use old and trusted herbs which have been tested and have been found as effective in resolving the situation, in their purest organic form. The formula is tested before launching the product in the market to ensure that every user get desired benefits and no side effects at all. The effects of these creams are evident within a short duration but this can vary from person to person as each person has different anatomy and reasons causing the problem.

Some very effective herbal enlargement creams have common herbal ingredients which can naturally enlarge your penis. L-Arginine is not an herb but an amino acid which is very vital for human body and particularly for improved blood flow in the body. In the body L-Arginine is used to improve blood flow, relax the blood vessels and improve blood vessels function. Application of herbal enlargement cream containing this amino acid dilates blood vessels of penis to enlarge it naturally and give firmer erections. Horny goat weed is famous for its aphrodisiac effects and increasing nitric oxide production in the body. It also improves blood flow to the genitals, relaxes blood vessels and clears them by dilating them. Improved blood flow and dilation of blood vessels enlarges the penis naturally.

Asian ginseng is an integral ingredient of herbal enlargement creams due to its magical properties for improving blood flow to genitals, limbs and brain. The use of this herb improves mental clarity however its use in the creams and its topical application works wonderfully for naturally increasing the blood flow. Asian ginseng also contains anti-oxidants which inhibit free radical largely responsible for blocking the blood vessels and restricting blood flow.

Tribulus terrestris is another important ingredient of herbal enlargement creams, this herb is beneficial for sexual problems of males and females both. Tribulus is also used for pain in the body, headaches and joint pains etc as it has properties which can improve the blood flow to the area it has been applied. Similar effects are beneficial when used in herbal enlargement creams for improving blood flow to the male genitals to enlarge the size of penis naturally. All of these herbs blended together in one formula can give desired effects easily and quickly.

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