Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Role of Foreplay and Afterplay in Sexual Union

There are some common terminology like sexual union, intercourse, foreplay and afterplay that everybody should know to enjoy most from their intimate moments. Sexual union or intercourse begins with the insertion of the male penis into the female vagina. This results in the ejaculation of semen into the vagina. And this brings simultaneous orgasm or summit of enjoyment in both partners. Intercourse ends when the penis is removed from the vagina.

The height of sexual pleasure is achieved through a succession of stroking movements. As the male organ is rubbed and pressed against the folds and pads of the vaginal walls , the nerves of the male organ , especially of glans becomes so stimulated that tension is finally relieved in the sympathetic ejaculation . Concurrently the increasing and overwhelming sensory impressions received by the central cortex are felt as acute pleasure. These feelings increase in force till they attain their summit in a few seconds in which ejaculation begins. When ejaculation occurs, the pleasurable sensation continues in the form of satisfied relaxations and relief.

Foreplay and Afterplay

Foreplay and afterplay are an inseparable part of a complete and satisfactory lovemaking. Foreplay is the act of preparing your partner for lovemaking. It is very important and increases the desire to love more passionately. The afterplay is also as significant as foreplay. After the intense physical exertion of lovemaking and the release of orgasm, the body finds itself in a unique state which is highly conducive to meditation during which the couple should care each other, play, talk, or meditate.

Many men are in the habit of going to sleep immediately after coitus. Even those men who love their partner do this due to carelessness. They turn around and start snoring while their partner feels the slow ebb of sexual longing, and thus they deprive themselves of the most wonderful psychic and emotional experience. After lovemaking, the man should help his partner to gratify her pleasure. This can be done by saying a word of love, a tender touch, an embrace or a kiss.

Moderate sexual activity does not harm anybody. Normally, sexual act has a most beneficent effect on mind and body of both partners. It develops a sensation of profound gratification, mental and physical peace, balance, self-confidence and power which is hardly attainable through any other experience.

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