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How to Massage Your Penis to Make It Bigger and Firmer - Improve Erection Quality

Massage has been used as a natural treatment to make one's penis bigger and firmer for improvement in erections and its performance during lovemaking. Massage improves blood flow to the tissues and arteries in the penis as male organ contains no muscles, this increased blood flow helps in improving the girth, length and the strength of the male organ for better performance to have more pleasure and give higher satisfaction to the partner.

To gain maximum benefits by massage one has to follow proper techniques of doing it, every technique is focused on bringing in more blood flow and teaching the blood vessels and tissues to hold it for longer period. One should not try to over do it for quicker results going gently and according to his own capacity will prove more beneficial rather than jumping on to it desperately. Penis is a delicate organ when it is flaccid so extra pressure or pressure applied at wrong points may not be helpful in improving erection and performance.

One of the popular techniques is ballooning technique. In this technique, first select a good quality herbal supplement cream, gel or oil such as Mast Mood Oil or Butea Superba Gel for promoting blood flow to the genitals. The herbal product is advisable as they are free of side effects and can be used by anyone. These products are thick in texture to sufficiently lubricate the upper skin of penis so that it is not irritated during the massage. Apply the Mast Mood massage oil on your intimate organ and slowly start massaging penile shaft, base, groins, scrotum, footing and pubis this will initiate the blood flow in the reproductive organs. Keep massaging them and hold your ejaculation as long as possible, as soon as you feel like ejaculating stop the massage and reduce your excitement and start again, make sure that you do not loose any erection. As many times you can control your ejaculation better the results.

By holding back your ejaculation you will be able to stimulate the metabolic activity of testosterone hormone in the body to improve erections and performance. Initially start with 15 minute session and slowly increase the duration. Make sure that you apply just the right kind of pressure on the parts, it should not be too harsh to cause any sort of pain and neither too light. Regular massage with this technique will give you bigger and firmer erections.

Another effective technique of massaging the penis for better erection and lovemaking performance is called milking technique. This is an easy one and resembles the milking motion used for drawing milk from animals. This is started with penis in semi erect position, apply Butea Superba Gel or Mast Mood Oil and encircle the penis base with your thumb and forefinger. Slowly with sufficient pressure move the grip towards the tip of the male organ, once one hand has reached at the top start the motion with other hand and repeat this motion for few minutes. This technique dilates the blood vessels and strengthens them to hold more blood for longer duration to make penis firmer and bigger. These massages shall be done regularly for quicker and assured results.

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Penis Massage Can Increase Size of Your Penis and Erection Quality

Penis is a complex organ of male body and its size and erection quality has been a concern for every male, penis massage can be helpful in improving these. Usually the size and hardness achieved by the male organ during excitement depends upon one's body anatomy, muscular response, functioning of internal organs, genetics, blood flow and hormones but some males are not satisfied with the size and quality of erections they have.

There are products in the market which claim to increase size and erection quality marketed by different companies but their effects are yet to be significant enough and are temporary. Apart from this, the side effects of using these products can be harmful and may cause permanent damage to the organ, though these companies claim these products to be safe and if one believe them completely, even then, mishandling of these products due to lack of training to use them correctly is always on the cards.

Massage is a natural therapy not only for penis but for whole body; it has been used since ancient times for better blood flow to all parts of the body and increase muscle response. Massage can do a lot to increase penis size and also improve the quality of erections by means of increased blood flow to the organ and clearing the blood carrying vessels and increasing their ability to hold the blood for longer duration with out any problem. Male organ is not made of any muscle and few experts are of opinion that because of this size and erection quality will remain unaffected by the massage since massage is a muscle improving therapy. There are no two opinions about this fact that massage improves muscle response and even helps in the enlargement of it, but that is just not the affect that it has, massage improve muscles by increasing blood flow to the muscles of the body part thereby increasing its response and size.

The quality of massage to bring in more blood is utilized while doing penis massage to increase its size and erection quality. Regular massage with herbal oil, cream or gel such as Mast Mood Oil or Butea Superba Gel made to affect the tissues and blood vessels of the male organ, with proper massage techniques, will let the blood rushing to the genitals. Herbal products designed for penis massage will help in holding the extra blood in the blood vessels of the tissues, arteries and veins of the male organ to dilate them and eventually increasing girth, length and strength of the male organ.

It is important to massage your intimate organ with proper techniques and with an herbal product to make it free of side effects and natural. Regular practice promotes blood flow to the genitals and improvement in the ability of tissues and arteries to hold more blood, which will increase its size, and erections will be more hard and longer. The effects of massage are permanent in nature as it has been achieved by natural ways and are significant, different people respond differently to this natural treatment, but almost everyone gets benefited if good quality herbal product and proper technique have been employed to increase size and quality of erections.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How to Increase Male Libido – Increasing Sex Drive Quickly and Naturally

Use of herbs is the best way to increase sex drive quickly and naturally in males. The problem of low libido is usually less common in males compared to females but with modern life style where sleep and rest are reduced by work pressure and tough daily routine the problem is rising in males too.

Tribulus terresteris is an old herbal remedy which is capable of increasing sex drive in males and females both quickly and naturally. This herb promotes production of LH hormone which in males leads to higher production of testosterone thereby increasing male libido. Epimedium or popularly known as horny goat weed is also an effective herb for curing low libido in males. This herb in males can address other problems like sperm production and impotency too very well. This herb has been used in Chinese medication for increasing male libido since a long time.

Damiana leaves are also used for the treatment of low libido, these leaves can cure and increase the sex drive if that has been hindered due to weak nervous system. ‘Shilajit’ is an old herb used in Ayurveda for increasing sex drive in males and treating other ailments in the body for better health. ‘Shilajit’ is available as a supplement in capsule form for use, with other effective herbs mixed with it, for better and quick results. Mucuna is a natural aphrodisiac which can boost the sexual desire and stamina. Ginseng has been used as hormonal balancer and revitalizing agent for the body since ages for males in Chinese and Korean medications. These extremely effective herbs are now available all over the world in form of tonic and pills for increasing male libido.

Licorice roots are famous for their properties to promote hormonal balance and eliminate stress which is one of the main causes for low libido in males and females both. Saw palmetto enhances the functioning of prostrate gland and supports the effects of other herbs. Saw palmetto is an important ingredient of many very effective herbal supplements used for increasing sex drive naturally.

Vegetables and fruits are also helpful in alleviating the problem of low libido. Increased intake of garlic and onion in the diet helps to increase sex drive in males. Ginger roots consumed as tea or as a spice in cooking is also an effective treatment for this problem.

All of these herbs are free of side effects, have proven record of curing low libido but some of the herbs are not for indiscriminate use, as their dosage and quality are very important for positive results. These herbs shall be taken in the form of herbal supplements pills and tonics to avoid over doses and adverse effects. Herbal supplements for low libido use other herbs in proper quantity to supplement the effects of each herbal ingredient which increases sex drive quickly and naturally. Apart from this use of herbal supplement is much easier compared to grinding, mixing and boiling of herbs before using them everyday. You can also take this herb in capsule form.

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How to Boost your Sexual Confidence – for Men

There are no short cuts to boost your sexual confidence and neither this is as hard to achieve like breaking a world record. Most of the men carry wrong notions about women and themselves which most of the time adversely affect their sexual confidence. The basic needs of all the human beings are same be it man or woman but their approach to fulfill their desires are surely different thus, man who knows and understands woman psyche has higher sexual confidence.

Learning how to drive a woman crazy in bed is something that gives a huge boost to sexual confidence of a man. If one feels capable enough to make any woman happy in bed will have a body language which is appealing and full of confidence. Men from young age carry wrong notions about size, duration, woman’s desires regarding sex etc. which are sometimes fantasies and have less truth, these should be clarified by the real facts and also knowledge of techniques and tricks to stimulate woman’s gratification in bed to boost up your sexual confidence.

No one is perfect not even the girl who drives you out of your senses by her mere looks, everyone has some shortcomings, be it physical appearance, knowledge, financial status, color or background. These things take a back seat if you can carry yourself with confidence and this is done by believing in yourself. No one is worthless, everyone has been bestowed by some qualities better than others and you are no different. The need is to identify those qualities and bring them to front to let everyone else see them clearly, avoid boasting about them but do not hide them either. If you believe that you can do few things better than others around you, it will boost up your sexual confidence too.

Moment you meet someone even if she is the girl of your dreams put sex out of your mind. The desire to get her, in your subconscious mind, will make you feel nervous and uncomfortable. Try to win her as a friend first and than move ahead, win her confidence in you as a person, once she starts believing and trusting you things will become easier. Even while talking to any woman for the first time or to a group of women, try to be practical in your behavior, do not become too humble or too rigid, avoid displaying intense emotions, be a good listener and a good sense of humor is always welcome. If you get noticed by women and you are welcomed in their company there is nothing else in the world which can boost your sexual confidence like it.

When on a date, remain cool and calm, never hurry with the things and treat sex as normal and one of many things you would love to do with her. Always keep in mind that a no means that she is not sufficiently aroused and does not mean a complete rejection every time. Remain communicative, treat her like a queen and always show respect to her feelings in your conversation. Successful date will take your confidence to the peak height.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Causes of Low Libido in Male, Diminished Sex Desire in Men

Condition of low libido or diminished sex desire is less common in males compared to females but it has to be accepted and treated before it can hurt any relationship permanently. It is difficult for any man to accept the fact that he is having lower drive for sex but it can happen to anyone because there are several physical and psychological reasons responsible for it.

The basic reason for diminished sex drive in men is low level of testosterone hormone however lack of production of this hormone in a healthy body is a rarity but many psychological and physical reasons may attribute for this condition. Lack of production of testosterone shall be treated with herbal supplements for effective alleviation and without side effects.

Stress is a major cause for low libido in males. In today's life style where everyone has jumbled daily routine proper sleep and rest are hard to get. This causes stress which eventually diminishes the sex drive drastically. Depression is the most common cause for low sex drive. Person suffering with this disorder feels withdrawn and feels as if he does not have enough energy to carry out his normal activities. This leads him into a serious situation of low libido. Depression is also treatable by herbal medicines and shall be taken care of at initial stage to avoid complications.

Certain medicines have also been found to cast a negative effect on testosterone production to cause low libido in males. Commonly used medicines for depression and high blood pressure or certain drugs like cocaine and heroine causes diminished sex desire. Alcoholism is also a factor for low sex drive. Diseases like diabetes, de la chapel syndrome, adrenalin cortex and genetic disorders also causes low sex drive but low sex drive due to these diseases subsides along with the disease itself, proper treatment for the disease is necessary to overcome the problem.

Obesity is another factor and shall be eliminated as early as possible not only for resolving the condition of diminished sex desire but for the sake of over all health too. Obesity can exhaust any one even though person may not be suffering from any ailment which gradually reduces the desire for sex. Lack of energy at the time of love making also reduces the pleasure which slowly makes the love making act boring.

Relation ship shall be maintained transparent and communicative for avoiding the situation of low libido occurring unnecessarily. Sometimes complacency of male partner may push other partner feel unwanted which promotes lack of interest in love making to diminish the sex desire in both the partners. If there are any issues in the relationship than they should be resolved as early as possible because it is almost impossible for males to get in the love making act if they are not mentally at peace. Loss of desire for sex while not feeling well is completely natural and understandable but sometimes lack of communication may give negative impression to the other partner, this shall be avoided by proper communication and giving time to the partner.

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How to Cure PE - Herbal Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation sometimes is very embarrassing and frustrating in men as they lack in the ability to satisfy their partners to the fullest during lovemaking. This results in low self esteem and the sexual performance receives a serious setback. It cannot be defined specifically whether the ejaculation is premature, because the capability of holding back the seminal fluid during repeated thrusts against the vagina differs from man to man. Some ejaculate faster within less than 1 minute or so or some may take 10-15 minutes to ejaculate; ejaculation can also occur during foreplay depending on the level of the excitement.

But premature ejaculation can be a concern that affects the sexual life resulting in a strained relationship between the partners.


The general cause for premature ejaculation is more psychological rather than any physiological disorder. If a man is constantly worrying regarding his sexual performance and the satisfaction of his partner, premature ejaculation can be the result of this. In addition a stressful life full of tensions in workplace and prolonged medication can be an important factor of premature ejaculation.

Can Herbs Treat Premature Ejaculation?

Herbal premature ejaculation pills and oil have that wonderful power that can help to build up confidence by treating PE. In addition it increases the libido, helps to sustain penile erection for long time.

1. The herb Gingko biloba increases the oxygen flow in the brain and helps in the functioning of the genital organs by increasing the blood flow in the penis. In addition it improves the endurance in sex, alertness in body and mind to make love making more enjoyable.

2. Yohimbe is acclaimed not only for its effectiveness in treating premature ejaculation but also cures impotency and helps to sustain the penile erection.

3. The extract of Passion flower has a calming and soothing effect on the nerves that helps in removing stress and anxieties making the person feel relaxed during sex.

4. The seed extract of Griffonia helps in the production of serotonin that is a mood elevator. It is highly effective in treating premature ejaculation if used in conjunction with Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

5. Epimedium saggitatum is another herbal aphrodisiac in treating premature ejaculation. It also treats erectile dysfunction and enhances the sexual endurance by raising the testosterone levels.

6. Taking Ginseng with goat’s milk regularly after the meals helps in treating premature ejaculation.

7. Ashwagandha, Shilajit are two important herbs whose different formulations are very effective in this treatment.

8. Garlic, according to experts can also treat premature ejaculation. Being a common household herb, chewing 2-3 cloves of garlic daily is beneficial.

Apart from the above mentioned remedies, a healthy life style and a good understanding between the partners can go a long way in treating this sexual disorder. Cooperation from the partner acts as a moral booster that helps in overcoming this disorder.

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Infertility Causes and Herbal Remedies for Men and Women

Infertility is a growing concern among many couples when they start planning for a family. There are a number of causes behind infertility, some of which can be diagnosed. But the tragedy is that in many cases the reason for infertility remains unexplained. Treatments like IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) have proven successful to induce fertility in many cases but the number of failure cases of these treatments cannot be overlooked either, as these treatments involve huge costs including a number of physical side effects and emotional stress. For this reason many couples are opting for herbal remedies to treat infertility as the latest clinical researches and positive data have encouraged medical practitioners to adopt this alternate way of treatment.


Male and female infertility is widely attributed to the lifestyle of the people, stress and tensions that disturbs the hormonal balance leading to erectile dysfunction and low sperm counts in men. In female the levels of estrogen and progesterone are greatly disturbed by the above mentioned factors resulting to infertility. Too much drinking and smoking also contributes to fertility in both men and women.

Herbal Remedies

Since the reasons for fertility are complex and varies with the individuals the herbal remedies functions in setting the basic physical conditions right to improve the chances of conception like reducing stress and relaxing the muscles, restoring hormonal balance, improving the uterine functions and enhancing the libido.

Herbs for Female Infertility

1. Red clover is an excellent source of vitamins, calcium and magnesium that helps in nourishing the uterus and relaxing the muscles improving the chances of conception. Generally it is taken as tea.

2. Raspberry leaves are rich in calcium and functions greatly in restoring hormonal balance. It gives best results when taken along with red clover.

3. The herb Lady's mantle regulates the menstruation and improves the endometrial lining. The tincture of this herb is taken once daily.

4. False unicorn root maintains hormonal balance and also stimulates the ovaries favoring ovulation.

5. Stinging nettle rich in chlorophyll and minerals regulates the hormonal levels, menstruation and ovulation. It is also taken as tea.

6. Damiana tones the nerves and increases the sexual desire. Taken either as capsules or dried herbs the treatment should be carried on for few weeks.

Herbs for Male Infertility

1. Astralagus improves the sperm motility and the count enhancing the chances of conception.

2. Panax Ginseng reduces the erectile dysfunction by increasing the testosterone levels and also increases the sperm count and motility.

These herbs must be taken with caution consulting health experts as these may have some serious side effects if taken along with other drugs and pills.

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