Friday, September 4, 2009

Do You Know The Best Sexual Position?

If your sex life is really suffering then this is the best place to stop and leave your all worries. Everybody wants to give maximum sexual satisfaction to her partner but sometimes fails to do so. The best way to keep her happy is to make sure she's had her pleasure before you come, and there are several sexual positions which are more likely to make this happen.

So, you must start with the Woman on Top Position. Many women love being uppermost when it comes to making love - it's a position that allows them to move in the way that gives them the greatest pleasure, whether that's through clitoral stimulation or G spot stimulation. She can move around much more in this position, and because she's in control of her movements, she's likely to get some orgasmic satisfaction. She can press her clitoris against the shaft of your penis, rub it against your body, or lean back or forwards so that her G spot gets the pressure it needs to give her pleasure. If you can last long enough, this is the position that gives her the greatest chance of reaching orgasm during intercourse. But a lot of men find this position uncomfortable, as it bends the penis too much.

Another sexual position that you must try is the Missionary Position. It is adopted with the woman lying on her back and her legs hoisted in the air. The man penetrates from top, inserting his penis into her vagina. It allows deep moments of intimacy and connection that women adore. And men like them too - though maybe not as much or as often as women! But sex in the man on top position, with her legs bent upwards, her knees nearer her chest, allows for deep penetration and lots of loving feeling. And if you have a penis that curves upwards when it's erect, as many do, then the man on top variations will allow your penis to stimulate her G spot as you make love.

Also if you and your partner are adventurous couples, there is the Supported Congress Position. Here the woman is propped against a wall, and the man penetrates her from the front. The woman then lifts her legs and wraps it around the man’s torso. Hence the entire weight of the woman is supported by the wall and the man’s hands. The supported congress is the ultimate in arousal as it causes the best friction between the penis and the clitoris.

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