Sunday, July 5, 2009

Choose Your Sexual Positions According to Your Need

Lovemaking can be one of the most exciting and pleasurable experience of your life if done in a right manner. It gives an intense amount of gratification and joy in your life. But due to several health disorders and conditions, the charm of sex decreases. But a right selection of sexual positions can revitalize the sexual act and brings more intimacy in your relationship. Back pain, obesity, pregnancy and problems like difficulty in reaching orgasm can decrease your sex desire. But you can handle them by making some changes as given below:

Backache brings a lot of discomfort and pain while doing your daily works. But sometimes this back pain can bring difficulty in making love. So you need to change your sexual position so that your back pain may not influence your love life. The affected partner should lie on his / her back with the hips flexed. In this posture, the muscles are relaxed and the vertebral column remains flat on the bed; hence this position is comfortable.

Similarly, extreme obesity primarily inhibits sexual pleasure on account of mechanical reference. Side-by-side positions where neither partner bears the other’s weight and, at the same time, has all limbs free from embrace, can be advantageously.

Pregnant women need to take extra care during sex. The lateral positions are generally found to be more comfortable for woman during late pregnancy.

There are some sexual positions which allows better grip. The rear entry (doggie) position and the woman’s leg crossed position allow better grip as compared to other solutions. In the woman’s leg crossed position, the intercourse is performed in the missionary position, where later, the woman crosses and keeps her legs inside her male partner’s legs. This enhances arousal and both these positions are helpful in those males who face difficulty in reaching orgasm.

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