Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Old Age Affects Your Sex Life?

As the age progresses, it affects your life in several ways. Old age equally affects the love life of both men and women. As a man grows older, erection takes longer time to occur. Similarly, in women, lubrication takes a longer time to occur. A man may often required direct physical stimulation to achieve erection and the same task also true of woman’s lubrication.

With the passage of time, the semen color changes from white to light yellow, the consistency gets thinner and the quality decreases. When people are not informed about these facts, anxiety can be generated, as there is a vast discrepancy between the unrealistic expectation and the real experience. This factor hampers the sexual response, leading to avoidance of sexual overtures.

Older persons tend to become obese because of sedentary lives, lack of exercise and changes in hormonal levels. Exercises to tone up the muscles and good functioning to beautify are essential. Such exercises help in improving the self image and promotion of a better love life.

The common reasons for low sex drive in old ages are:

• Monotony and lack of interest
• Lack of communication
• Depression
• Changes in physical appearance

Some women report an increase, while others report a decrease, in libido at menopause. Increase in libido may be because of relative freedom from pregnancy and, hence, one may reopens and perform with greater enthusiasm. Some women harbor the misconception that menopause marks the end of their sexual life and this fear increases their sexual drives as an affirmation of their femininity. Menopause is an atrophy of the vaginal epithelium which leads to reduction in lubrication and hence pain at the time of intercourse. This development causes a decline in libido and a woman tends to avoid sexual overtures.

To revitalize you love life, you need sexual enhancement products specially designed to boost your performance and desire. They come in various forms like libido enhancers, lubricants, pills and creams to reignite the passion for more intimate relationship.

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