Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Different Disorders Can Affect Your Sex Life?

In our life, we all suffer from different diseases, time to time. Though most of the diseases and disorders do not affect our lovemaking life but diseases like diabetes may affect it. Erectile dysfunctions are common amongst diabetics. The causes could be vascular, neurological.

In diabetic impotence, the history is suggestive of the presence of desire but decline in erectile ability at all times. Usually, the onset is gradual. In some, the presenting symptom could be premature ejaculation. In some, the presenting symptom could be premature ejaculation and rarely retrograde ejaculation. Diabetic women sometimes complain of reduction in lubrication and difficulty in reaching orgasm.

The lovemaking act is not very stressful. Shortness of breath is a natural response during the act and more so if one suffers from bronchial asthma. It becomes more intense if accompanied by anxiety. Use of a bronchodilator prior to lovemaking activity could be helpful.

A man may have less desire and inadequate erection due to anemia, uremia and testicular dysfunction. Like in any other chronic disease, psychological problems like depression and anxiety, leading to decline in lovemaking desire, are common.

This is an uncommon condition usually found in men who are in their fifties and above. A fibrous plaque develops in the penis, leading to curvature which becomes apparent during erection. It may cause discomfort and, at times, pain during intercourse.

Any condition which can give rise to congestion and inflammation of the prostate and seminal vesicles can lead to blood in semen. Trauma and urethritis may also lead to blood in semen.

Hepatitis kills the appetite for lovemaking. In addition, the fear of transmitting or acquiring the disease (Type B) via sexual contact adds anxiety to the existing problem. Vaginal and even oral sex may transmit the virus. Barrier contraception (condom) does provide and effective method of protection against the sexual transmission; however, it would still be advisable to get the spouse vaccinated at the earliest as per the expert’s advice.

Once the patient with jaundice has develop has developed immunity (antibodies) to the virus and the spouse is already protected (with vaccination which takes up to weeks), normal sexual intercourse can be resumed.

Hepatitis D (delta) does not require any additional vaccination apart from that for hepatitis B. Hepatitis C is rarely transmitted due to sexual contact. Using barrier contraception during lovemaking activity is advisable.

In arthritis, pain and deformity usually lead to difficulty in the lovemaking act, especially when the hip, knees or the back are involved. Factors like frustration, anger, dependency and low self image due to deformity lead to depression. Thus, arthritis affects relationships both physically as well as mentally.

Smoking results in construction of the blood vessels, leading to an inadequate supply of blood to the genital organs which may, in turn, lead to sexual inadequacy. Discontinuation of smoking by a heavy smoker leads to an increase in the desire and many have reported better erectile ability.

Conclusion: Read this article to learn how various disease and disorders can affect your sex life. The proper information is the best way to prevent and cure dysfunction.

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