Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Educate Your Child about Sex?

Many parents think that talking about sex in front of their kids may harm their brain and take them in the wrong way. But this is totally a misconception. Even avoidance of sex education can make more harm to the kids. You may adopt the following methods to educate your child about sex.

1. Try to teach sex to your child in a matter of fact manner, in the same manner as you would talk about any matter with them.

2. Do not lecture. Be persuasive and sympathetic and make sure the child’s interest remains sustained and element of curiosity stays on.

3. If a child poses any question, during the course of sex education, that must be replied to allay his doubts and/or misconceptions.

4. Your discussion should not be around disclosure of biological factors alone. It should also include values, emotions, decision making also, since the young ones value such qualities.

5. Puberty begins from the tenth year, when physical changes like pubic hair, erection of clitoris, enlargement of breast and prominence of nipples, menstruation etc start taking places. So, it is always better to educate the child about sex before the said changes surface.

6. Electronic media, porno magazines and literature, x-rated films have already enhanced children’s knowledge about homosexuality, heterosexuality, prostitution, masturbation, self-abuse or child-abuse, etc. So, such aspect must also be part of a parent’s sex education program.

7. Tell your child what is erection of penis and of clitoris and also what is masturbation, especially to girls. Also explain how and when venereal diseases, AIDS, HIV problems set in. Respond to child’s enquiries in a receptive, sympathetic and friendly way, so that they don’t feel that they have been landed in an awkward position. Let them stay normal.

8. Include and encourage your child to put any question, concerning the subject, to you and, when asked, be simple explicit.

Advantage of Sex Education

1. It will lay emphasis on behavioral, biological, psychological, cultural, clinical aspects.

2. Sexual problems can be prevented by better sex education.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Female Reproductive Organs and Their Functions

In this article you will get information about female reproductive organs and their functions. We will talk about the functioning of the womb or uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The womb or uterus is pear shaped organs of heavy muscular walls. The virgin uterus measures about two to three quarters of inches in length and two inches wide. Its elastic muscles expand considerably during pregnancy with the growth of the baby. Its upper part is connected with ovaries by two ducts called fallopian tubes. The organ is supported in the pelvis by strong ligaments. Its position is at right angles to the vagina, the upper, heavy and being directed forward towards the front of the pelvis. The small end (cervis) opens into the vagina and closes its upper end. After childbirth, the organ gradually retracts to its former size. The organ has powerful muscles to help push the baby out through vagina. During pregnancy the uterus retains and supplies nourishment to the growing baby till the delivery.

The upper ends of the uterus are joined by the fallopian tubes each about five and a half inch long, which extend right and left to the ovaries. The function of the fallopian tube is to conduct ovum from the ovaries to the uterus. This is achieved through contractile action of the tubes finger like fringes called fimbria. The sweeping motion of fimbria is in one direction, which helps egg cells in moving towards uterus. In most cases, the fertilization of an egg cell or ovum takes place during its journey through the fallopian tube. The process of passing of an egg cell through the tube is called ovulation. The fertilized egg is then moved down the tube towards the womb.

The ovaries produce the female reproductive cells, the ova or eggs, and internal secretions. Situated at the outer ends of the tubes, one on each side of the uterus, an ovary is about the size and shape of a large almond in the shell. Though they are comparable to the testes in their function, the hormone function of the ovaries is apparently more complete than that of the testes of the male. In addition to the internal secretion which governs the development of the specific female character and help to sustain the normal functioning of the individual as an organism, the ovaries elaborate other chemical substances which control the reproductive functions. Just like the castration performed on male, if the ovaries are removed before puberty the development of the individual get will drastically altered.

When a girl is born, her ovaries already contain these egg cells of ova in thousands. But then these are not mature. With the onset of puberty the ovaries start their work of maturing ovum. During the life time of woman about 400-500 egg cells mature. From the time of puberty till menopause, every month a mature egg is produced by one of the ovaries. The mature egg cells passes through the fallopian tube towards the uterus. If an egg is fertilized it starts growing before it enters the velventry lined uterus which nourishes the egg, it remains alive for about 20-24 hours after entering the tube and then it disintegrates and gets absorbed into the body.

When the egg cell is not fertilized, the monthly preparation by the womb to receive a fertilized egg cell goes a waste and the debris is cast out- the whole process is known as menstruation. Menstruation generally continues for three to five days but even longer in few cases.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Maximize the Sexual Arousal and Excitement

Achieving an intense orgasm is a divine pleasure that one can experience while making love. But sometime due to certain problems, either men or women do not experience that height of sexual pleasure. In this article we will discuss some aspects on orgasm and how men and women feel during those peak moments.

If arousal takes place without release it is likely to cause discomfort. That discomfort can best be handled through mutual expression of care and affirmation. If you are a woman who consistently experiences arousal without release it is crucial that you share this with your partner. Let him know what your body feels like so that the two of you can move closer together. There can be some relief even in being reached out to. He needs to know what you need.

A woman’s body is designed so that she can have another orgasm at any point of the resolution phase. It can be five seconds, five minutes or fifty minutes after the previous orgasm. There is no waiting or rest period necessary before she is physically capable of experiencing another orgasm if the stimulation is continued or renewed. Her body does not need to return to its pre-stimulated state before it can be responsive again.

After orgasmic release, the man returns rather quickly to the pre-stimulated state. His erection may not decrease completely, but the penis is usually somewhat flaccid and the testicles lower. There is a loss in the tension build up and in the intensity of the feelings. Some men report that the glans or head of the penis becomes very sensitive to touch after and ejaculation and that because of this they want to quickly disengage from their partner. It is important to know that a significant number of men feel this post ejaculation pain. If you experience this discomfort, it is crucial to share this with your partner so that she be sympathetic and understanding, rather than taking your withdrawal as a kind of rejection.

It is rare for a man not to experience orgasm. However, there are some men (especially older men) who do not need an orgasm and who do not feel frustrated without one.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Female Sex Organs Structure and Their Functions

The female organs are much more complicated than male. As they are confined in the body and not openly visible, most of the girls are ignorant about their organs. Hence it is important that full knowledge about the female organs structure and their functions be discussed in detail.

Vulva - The two visibly fleshy folds, covered with hair are the outer lips or labia Majora. When parted, they reveal two smaller or inner lips or labia. The insides of the inner are covered with the mucous membranes. The inner lips of labia are one of the several sexual sensation centers. During intercourse these labia remain constantly massaged by the rubbing of the penis.

The principal organ of the sex feeling, the clitoris, is situated just above junction of the inner lips. The clitoris looks like a mini penis having erectile tissue and head and free skin. It is covered form above by a hood of skin. The clitoris is made of highly sensitive nerves which respond very well to sexual stimulation. It is from this entire that the sexual feeling begins and permeates in the entire body through vulva and vagina. When erect, the clitoris looks like the size or shape of small bean. About an inch below the clitoris is a small opening of the tube called urethra. Its duct conducts the urine from the bladder. The urethra has only the urinary function and no sexual function.

The mucous membrane above the clitoris is covered with glands which secret smegma. Owing to the structure, cleanliness in the woman is a little more difficult than in the man. It is not only hygienically necessary to keep it clean but also for this reason that it emits foul smell which tend to inhibit sexual desire in the man.

Hymen - Just below the urinary passage is the entrance to vagina. In a normal virgin girl, this opening remains partially closed by a thin membrane called the hymen. Though it appears in different shapes but normally it looks like a crescent in shape appearing like the forward extension of the black walls of the vagina. In many cases during the first intercourse when the hymen is ruptured there may be slight bleeding and pain. It is a false notion that the hymen is the symbol of virginity. A nicked or stretched or tattered hymen does not mean the body has been penetrated into. It could be ruptured on account of jerks or falls that a young girl might experience. Many girls may not have much of it or others may lose it in doing some kind of vigorous job.

Vagina - It is a tube or canal extending from vulva to the neck of the uterus. It is three and half to 4 inches in length in its normal relaxed position. It is here that the penis in intercourse is sheathed with its elastic walls. It receives the seminal discharge and allows the sperm to travel forward towards the womb in search of an ovum. It is through this tube that a child passes to the outside world.

The flexible walls of the vagina are lined by a mucous membrane secreting a fine fluid which keeps it moist and clean. It has great releasing and contracting power. It is because of this reason that the vagina besides being made up of flexible walls, is able to accommodate much larger penis not withstanding its small cavity.

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