Saturday, March 21, 2009

Know How to Get Stronger Erection and Ejaculation

Do you want to know how to get a stronger erection and ejaculation? This article will help you to know how a man get erect and ejaculate during sexual stimulation.

The penis is normally three to four inches long and in normal flaccid state about one and a quarter to two inches in diameter. When a man is sexually aroused it grows erect, the organ measures about one and half inches in diameters and five and a half to six inches in length along its upper side. It is made up in part of spongy tissue which becomes gorged with blood, making the organ hard and rigid.

The erection is necessary in order to achieve the penetration of the vagina. In response to mechanical or psychological, i.e. stimulation, the erection is achieved through a nervous mechanism which causes a rush of blood into the organ and at the same time greatly restricts its flow, thus causing rigid distension. Like the size the shape also varies from man to man. Penis is the male organ which releases the semen into vagina.

The foremost end of the penis is called glans penis. It is slightly thicker than the rest of the shaft. In the flaccid state, the glans is partly or wholly covered by a loose layer of the skin, in the uncircumcised men, called the prepuce or foreskin. This is retracted for the purpose of cleaning and it becomes naturally retracted after entry in coitus. The surface of the foreskin is somewhat called smegma. It is an irritating secretion and should be regularly cleaned; otherwise it makes the forepart of the penis to become cheesy in appearance by breeding germs. It should be washed daily with soap. The glans has the most sensitive nerve endings. A slight soft touch to excite a man and to make it erect.

A direct and gentle stimulation of male organ almost always causes erection. This is borne out of a relax action and may occur in sleep. Erection may be caused without any rubbing just by erotic thoughts even. In the early morning it may be aroused because of the urge to urinate. Most such erections terminate without any discharge.

Ejaculation is the culmination of sexual stimulation in man. Having entered the vagina, the most sensitive nerve endings of which the penis is made up, become tense and excited on account of the friction against the walls of vagina, it may experience further fanned by the secretion of fluids in the vagina. To and fro movements add on the arousal. The tension gets higher and higher till it reaches the climax to explode and get released. This process of the climax and the release of the seminal fluids is known as ejaculation. At the time of climatic height and orgasm the seminal discharge takes place. Just as the first menses indicates the onset of puberty in a girl, in a boy the first ejaculation marks the entrance into adolescence.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Are The Main Functions Of Male Testes Or Testicles?

Men are always curious to know how to enhance their libido or boost their sexual performance. But they are least concern knowing about their sex organs and how they function. In this article you will know the basic information about male testes or testicles and what are their functions.

The male sex organs are quite complicated form of a reproductive system. They produce semen, store it and release it into the woman’s vagina at the time of ejaculation. The procreation, therefore, is the result of the union of the sperm cell and the ovum.

The male organ comprises of the two testes or testicles hung side by side in a sac called the scrotum, behind the penis in its relaxed state. The testes, oval in shape and about an inch long and inch wide, have two different functions. These are made up of a series of jobs composed of minute tubules in which the sperm cells, the spermatozoa, are formed and liberated. The internal secretion of sex hormones, which create sex impulse and cause the essential male characteristics in the individual and play its role with the other secretion glands in the body in sustaining the normal functioning of the body, are achieved by it. In case this function is impaired before puberty, the development of the individual becomes seriously altered in form, temperament and impulses. Since it is directly absorbed into the blood, these secretions are termed as internal secretion.

In the seminal discharge the male sperms formed in the testes are the vital elements because these sperms have the power of fertilizing the egg of the woman to conceive a new life. These highly vitalized cells consist of a head, neck and long tail. It is in this head the nucleus is contained which transmit the hereditary characteristics of the individual. Having the power of independent motion, these sperms propel themselves in the liquid secretion in which it floats its tails having a float rate approximately its own length per second. After the semen’s discharge, it requires an hour or more for the sperms to reach the tube where it fertilizer an ovum. When the released female egg encounters one male sperm or spermatozoa, it penetrates the cell wall of the egg in a complex series of rearrangement of the elements of both cells known as fertilization. Through in a single male orgasm about 200 to 500 million sperms are discharged, only one is able to reach the walls of the cell. The remaining sperms are cast out along with the other residues of the physiological process. The spermatozoa are being slowly formed and released in the testicle all the time.

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