Thursday, October 30, 2008

Major Causes of Low Male Libido and Preventive Measures

Libido in other terms is generally referred as sex drive or desire. A high libido is the basic requirement of giving love, pleasure and full satisfaction to your partner. Keeping your libido up is extremely important for making life seem great. But due to several problems men loses their libido. This article will discuss major causes of low male libido and how to prevent it.

Depression is one of the responsible factors for decreased male libido. Person who is depressed is not interested in life and living and certainly has a very low level of personal energy. Depression takes away colorful joy in the rainbow of life. This has a huge impact on sex, which is just another thing that seems boring and pointless to a depressed person. Some of the preventive measures are meditation, yoga, morning walk and consultancy.

Age is another important factor that affects libido. Sex desire decline as we get older but there are many men enjoying healthy sex in their seventies and beyond and you can whatever your age, improve your libido. Before we look at the solutions and how to increase libido, let's look at some of the problems which are linked to male libido and age.

1. Low nitric oxide levels - As we get older there is a decline in nitric oxide level which is the key to getting an erection. It is the chemical which is realized in the blood vessels that feed the penis and it allows these blood vessels to relax and expand and take more blood in swelling and creating an erection. If you don't get enough of it you will not have proper erection.

2. Poor blood circulation – For proper erection it is very important to have good blood circulation. When you are aroused your heart beats and you can feel the blood being pumped to the genitals. As we get older, circulatory problems can kill libido and sex drive.

3. Low testosterone - Other common problems which lower sex drive and libido are stress fatigue and low energy levels and as we get older at some point men will have low levels of testosterone, the key male sex hormone.

Some of the preventive measures are nutritional diet, exercise, mutual understanding and supporting each other. Improve libido for a happy life and great sex!

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