Saturday, October 25, 2008

Effective Ways to Improve Male Libido

Every man wants to keep his libido high to enjoy his love life. But many things in our daily life can decrease male libido. The low activity lifestyle reduces our stamina and makes the muscles and circulatory system weak. With low activity lifestyle we become prone to the risk of all types of diseases and sexual dysfunction problems. In this article we will discuss some problems contributing low libido and ways to improve it.

For most men, sexual dysfunction problems like impotence and erectile dysfunction are the biggest threat. Lets have a look at some obvious problems that can make your sex life miserable.

1. Drinking and smoking are known killers of libido so you need to stop or cut down this habit. You can’t simply counteract these if you are doing them to excess.

2. Another major cause of low libido is obesity. If you are over weight and unfit your body simply does not function to its optimum. This will low your energy levels and desire. You don’t need to go to the gym for hours simply walk briskly, take the stairs rather than the elevator and get on a healthy natural diet and cut out processed foods.

3. Many people who have low libido think it must be low testosterone levels but this is rarely the case. Fact is, most men’s testosterone levels are fine and this is not a problem for most men who lack libido.

4. Age is another important factor in decreasing sex desire. Male libido and age are linked but you can fight back and can get your sex life back, regardless of your age and best of all you can do it naturally.

You can improve male libido and gain more confidence satisfying your partner. Foods that increase male libido and sperm volume have zinc like oysters, nuts, bean, and whole grains.

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